Founded in 1961, ISE is proud to be comprised of independently owned businesses
“The backbone of America”

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The ISE Mission

Each ISE contractor is an equal owner (stockholder) of the business. Our mission is to maximize shareholders wealth through the products and services offered by ISE. By negotiating preferred national purchasing programs with our key vendors, ISE contractors have the edge in their local market. ISE must continue to:

  • Be proactive with the constant changes in the industries supported by the group.
  • Find new ways to enhance the profitability of our stockholders.
  • Educate our stockholders through sales and marketing seminars.
  • Increase sales through the addition of new ISE stockholders and preferred suppliers.
  • Keep our strong industry influence, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and commitment to all of our partners.
  • Maintain the diversification of the group, offering our services to the refrigeration, food service and HVAC industries.
  • Offer the highest level of service to our stockholders, through quality products and marketing programs.


Institutional & Supermarket Equipment, Inc. 7362 NW 5th Street Plantation, FL 33317
954-584-3100 (telephone)     954-584-5591 (fax)     Email: